Denim x Denim: How Its Done

A denim jacket and chambray shirt - which of you lot are brave enough for this look?

I remember a time when denim on denim was considered a crime.

The last case of People VS Head-to-Toe Denim took place on January 8th 2001 when Justin Timberlake and then girlfriend Britney Spears walked the red carpet at the 2001 American Music Awards. When they arrived wearing matching cocktail attire made entirely of patchwork jean fabric it became one of the most memorable moments in Fashion History—and not in a good way. I believe it was at that exact moment that discrimination against all-over denim was born. Over the years since, it has been considered a crime against the fashion gods to wear more than one piece of denim at a time. However, with the (don't call it a) comeback of the re-purposed "vintage" Levi jean and the retro-inspired utilitarian look, we've seen this aforementioned form of 'fashionism' fade away; and more and more all-jean ensembles have come to the forefront. Despite how rugged yet chic it can look, I still have clients that are apprehensive. They ask me: 
"How can I pull this off without looking like an awards show victim?"

This is how:

Shoes. Why do men never understand the epitome of fashion is when their shoes match the rest of their outfit? DSC_0080.jpg Pair a light blue shirt with your favorite blue jeans, light brown shoes (or boat shoes), brings you up to a good to go look.
Slim cut denim jeans, rolled up, jean jacket, turtleneck, khaki jacket, leather shoes, bag. Gentlemen Style. Streetstyle, Men's Fashion, menswear
G-Star RAW - Type C for men. #RAWBerlin
A utility focus with hints of mod styling for double denim at Bread & Butter #Berlin WGSN street shot, Bread & Butter autumn/winter ...

So how do you wear it?

Well, first and foremost a key element to wearing all-denim is definitely in the contrast: whether its texture, wash, or color you never want to wear your blues all in the same, exact hue. Therefore, in order to match them, you have to mix them up. For example, if you're going to wear a light wash up top, make sure you pair it with a dark wash on bottom, or vice-versa. You never want it to come off like a matching set, which gives off the feeling that one is both trying too hard and, somehow, too little. (Translation: "I bought this as a set—it all goes together to make picking my outfit easy.") Wearing blue jean head-to-toe doesn't have the same fashionable effect as say, a monochromatic all-black ensemble. Historically, Jeans were initially meant for utility wear, not as a fashion statement; they were worn by factory workers, and by American soldiers in the form of waist overalls. Jeans weren't a style choice/staple until the 1950s...

But I digress.

The thing to remember here is to break up the denim so that it doesn't blend together. Even if both top and bottom are dark wash, the slightest difference between the pieces (like distress or print/pattern) will make the difference. Alternatively, go for something unexpected—denim accessories are a great way to switch things up. From top to bottom, a denim cardigan, a'la Ralph Lauren is a cool casual piece. You could try a boot or a sneaker with denim uppers... And accents like pocket squares, suspenders, or bow/ties made of jean fabric are an interesting twist on classic, functional pieces. Don't be afraid to incorporate black, white, ombre or patterned jean either; to breathe a more modern life into the sometimes blase look...

kill 'em with style -- pistol tie pin, menswear accessories

linenforsummertweedforwinter:  Indigo Wrap.
The journey is nothing without a pair of gorgeous shoes to walk in. Patch Inspiration. Counting Stone Sheep
denim / herschel - I saw some of these in New Orleans at an upscale men's clothing store. So awesome!
S T R A N G E W A Y S  Both are great but I think I like the Bandana Print jacket even better
Ralph Lauren Denim and Supply Blue Patchwork Heavy Cotton Cardigan
White Mountaineering x porter denim backpack (More of an urban backpack for me. It has a nice design but the denim fabric is not fit for "outdoors" usage)

Quite possibly though, the most important factor in fashion (and being a man) is: whatever you choose to wear, wear it with confidence.

Confidence is the most flattering garment you can wear, after all.

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